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The FINDEISEN NauticMaster heralds the new generation of the F-1253 diver's watch. Like the first generation, the NauticMaster is manufactured according to DIN 8306, which is relevant for diving watches. One of the new and style-defining design elements is the now 2-piece sawtooth bezel with a black DLC coating. The coating makes the black inlay of the bezel extremely scratch-resistant.

Findeisen NM S DLC S L.png

"The NauticMaster is FINDEISEN's
most sporty watch to date."


The FINDEISEN NauticMaster has a striking 41.5 mm case. The 4 new dial variants with
clear color accents underline the sportiness of the NauticMaster.

The Findeisen NauticMaster is a true diver's watch. The 41.5 mm case and the new dials with the characteristic red ring give the NauticMaster its unmistakable sporty DNA. Go diving or accompany your loved ones to dinner - the NauticMaster is the perfect companion in every situation. #redcirclewatch


Black inlay DLC coated. All elements on the bezel glow in the dark for a long time.

For quick identification in the dark, the minute hand lights up green, the rest light blue.

The date window has been moved to 6 o'clock to create a new symmetry on the dial.


The FINDEISEN NauticMaster is available in 4 new dial variations. Choose from black, blue, green or white.
For all versions, in addition to a stainless steel bracelet and a rubber strap, the new FINDEISEN canvas straps are available in the color that matches the respective dial. The steel bracelet and the rubber strap are equipped with the FINDEISEN S.V.F. buckle and withstand a tensile force of at least 200 Nm in both parts of the strap in the prescribed test procedure.



The heart of the NauticMaster is the caliber FW 4251, which has already proven itself in the first generation of the F-1253. With the construction details used,
this movement can only be found at FINDEISEN.

42 hours power reserve

Regulated in 5 positions


In this technical masterpiece, the automatic-unit has been completely redesigned. It is provided with a pawl-winding, which acts as a converter for the rotor rotation. So every little movement of the rotor is used to tension the spring. The so-called bearing-in-bearing principle is used in the new self-winding: the pawl-winding is guided in a ceramic ball bearing on a circular path and is itself mounted in the ceramic full ball bearing.

The manual winding, which can be used via the crown also utalises hardened steel discs. All components in the FW 4251, including the manual winding gears, are made from wear-free low-maintenance hardened steel. To minimize wear, the tungsten rotor is also equipped with ceramic ball bearings.

A 3-part soft iron cage is used in the case of the F-1253, which provides additional magnetic shielding up to 80.000 A/m. The movement is protected in a special EPDM-rubber ring.
This far exceeds the technical standard for shock protection DIN 8308.

"The new 2-piece DLC bezel with glossy finish
gives the NauticMaster a particularly high-quality look."


Discover our canvas straps and give your NauticMaster a particularly sporty and summery look.

Findeisen NM G Velcro S.png
NauticMaster white Nato front.png
NauticMaster black Nato BR front.png
Findeisen NM B SL Velcro S.png


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