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here we would like to give you an insight into the history of the company FINDEISEN, background information about the year 1907 and the claim "The name. The history. The watch."

In 2014 Martin Zettl (born in Karl-Marx-Stadt / Chemnitz) was sitting with his grandmother Ursula when she noticed that her grandson was wearing a new watch on his wrist. From the explanation of which watch it was, a conversation about Ursel's grandfather, Karl Ferdinand Findeisen, developed, like countless times before.


Great-great grandson Martin Zettl already knew the stories about Karl Ferdinand Findeisen, exaggeratedly put, that all his life he wanted a pocket watch and later a wristwatch that would bear his surname FINDEISEN. 
(Read more on the history page FINDEISEN). Back home he told his wife Birgit about it, who encouraged him to put the wish of his great-great-grandfather into action.

The long way to "the clock" and the important year 1907 for FINDEISEN

It all started with a logo design for FINDEISEN watches before the brand could be registered. Only the "F" in the logo was already clear from the beginning. In Max Findeisen, his father Karl Ferdinand saw the person who was to realize the vision of a FINDEISEN watch, which he himself could not realize until his death in 1956. After all, thanks to Max Findeisen, there was a first "attempt" to design a Findeisen wristwatch in the 1960s, when he dismantled a hand-wound watch of the brand "Raketa" and redesigned the dial. Therefore, the year of Max Findeisen's birth, 1907, can be found in various places in our products.

But how to make a watch? Inquiries with well-known suppliers followed, which offer modular systems for the own wristwatch - but this did not correspond to the rather individual taste of FINDEISEN watches. Even the smallest quantities, because no mass production watch and the next mass product was the goal, missed their starting point.

The search for partners at eye level led to a renowned watch company in the north of Germany with which the first steps towards FINDEISEN watches could finally be taken. This is how the design of the first models and the final company logo were created.

The further way was taken in Southern Germany, but it was stony. An "old hand" with good contacts wanted to help and one felt understood, also concerning the small quantities.  Until finally it was about the implementation of the defined design. After a few rehearsals it was not possible to find a common denominator, the demands that FINDEISEN watches wanted to realize with its models were too high.

Feeling back to the beginning, but with many new insights, Martin Zettl decided to go the way without a partner. 

What makes a FINDEISEN watch unique?

The symbiosis from the history of the spiritual forefathers about the unfulfilled wish of a watch with their family name and the common passion, the city studies in the historical East of Germany, which today belongs to the countries Poland, Lithuania and Russia. Furthermore, FINDEISEN watches embody the perfect fusion between luxurious design with its own characteristics and high-quality, proven Swiss movement technology.

Thus FINDEISEN combines two inseparable elements. For the first two models, "Allenstein" and "Königsberg", the company embarked on a journey to historical Eastprussia and had the stories of these two imposing and historic cities, which today bear the names Olsztyn and Kaliningrad, worked out and compiled by a Berlin historian. You can read the chronicles of the cities in the booklets of the watches.

The team FINDEISEN is especially proud of today includes, besides the founder and CEO Martin Zettl, a smart social media team, a watch designer who has already designed many famous models, a watchmaker based in Nuremberg who learned his trade in Glashütte, a renowned historian who has already published several books on the subject of "East Prussia" and a journalist who supports FINDEISEN in the areas of marketing, content and web design. With these companions FINDEISEN celebrated its market launch on 24 October 2019.


FINDEISEN watches are manufactured in Nuremberg and this exclusively in small quantities.



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