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Find out more about the creation of the FINDEISEN brand and the development of the
F-1253 dive watch. Founder and CEO Martin Zettl in an interview with ARMBANDUHREN Magazin.


Read the latest review of the F-1253 by  Watchdavid . Active in the watchmaking world since 1996, David Drilling has thoroughly tested the F-1253. In addition to the review, you will also find an unboxing video of the F-1253 here.


Mike Stuffler, one of the heavyweights in the watch world, put the F-1253 diver's watch through its paces. You can read his verdict in the detailed review on, one of the largest English-speaking watch forums.


Watch blogger Mario Reinsch has carefully examined the F-1253 diving watch. Discover his in-depth review of the F-1253 at Chrononautix.

F-1253 Chrononautix.jpg

Every year, the ARMBANDUHREN brand catalogue , under the direction of editor-in-chief Peter Braun, presents the best watch brands and their news.

In the current edition 2020/21 you will find the history of FINDEISEN on page 105.


Read more about the creation of the first FINDEISEN chronograph.

The Königsberg model was in September 2020 WATCH OF THE MONTH for wristwatches - the magazine

Findeisen Uhr des Monats Königsberg Chronograph

Here is the first article about FINDEISEN in the trade press.

FINDEISEN is a partner of "Mechanische Uhren Elite Watch" , a topic group on Facebook. Discover news, tests and reviews on the subject of mechanical wristwatches.

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